The goal of the PIC4SeR Centre is to create a common physical environment as well as a community, in which tools and skills can reside to organically synthesize the characteristics of different application scenario’s and their related robotic experimental solutions.

In the industrial field, robotics applied to complex assembly lines is now a mature and proven technology: 

Will robots conquer the same relevance in other fields?

Thanks to the development of enabling technologies, we are in a historical moment in which the arrival of a new generation of robots is very close: 

Robots will be able to support humans in work-related or day life activities and they will become safe and reliable “companions”.


This market, now in a booming phase, needs more than ever support from research centers where it is possible a real multidisciplinary application driven approach.

In this way, it will be possible to merge and integrate innovative solutions.

control perception

artificial intelligence & cognition

locomotion systems

smart mechanical architectures, actuation

energy supply




social, economic and ethical issues

All those aspects strongly motivate the creation of the PoliTO Interdepartmental Centre for Service Robotics (PIC4SeR) where the expertise can support all the necessary development steps, leading to design, simulate and manufacture the basic components that will enable the new era of “service robots”.