Marcello Chiaberge

Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Service Robotics, Electronics and Mechatronics Systems for Automotive and Space, Rapid Prototyping of Control Systems, Adaptive Control Systems

Andrea Maria Lingua

Geomatics, Photogrammetry, GIS, Visual Odometry, Multi Sensor Fusion and Integration, Least Squares, Robust Estimation, GNSS Survey, Mapping Data Format and Standards, Image Based Positioning and Navigation

Enrico Masala

Multimedia, Coding, Communication, Optimization

Giuseppe Quaglia

Mechanics, UGV Design, Software Robotics

Fabrizio Valpreda

Open Design, Product Design, Digital Design, Digital Fabrication

Fabio Dovis

Autonomous Navigation, GNSS

Fulvio Risso

Service orchestration, cloud/edge/fog computing, software-defined networks, network functions virtualization, high-speed in-network processing, network monitoring

Filiberto Chiabrando

Photogrammetry, unmanned aerial systems, laser scanning, 3D reconstruction, 3D modelling, Virtual Reality/Augmented reality and sensor integration often connected to Cultural Heritage documentation in architectural and archaeological contexts

Giorgio Guglieri

Flight mechanics of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, flight simulation, design of human-machine interfaces for robotics, development and testing of unmanned aerial systems, planning and mission control for autonomous systems, design of guidance, control and navigation systems for aircraft and spacecraft

Marco Piras

Geomatics, Photogrammetry, UAV, GIS, Multi Sensor Fusion and Integration, Statistical data processing, GNSS, Mapping, Image Based Positioning and Navigation, Indoor navigation, UWB positioning


Paolo Giaccone

Computer Networks, Network Algorithms, UAV Path Planning

Antonio Servetti

Multimedia, Networking

Marco Pini (Links)

Navigation Technologies

Carmen Visconte

Mechanics, Synthesis of mechanisms

Alessandro Rizzo

Stefano Pastorelli

Marina Indri

Kinematics, motion planning, control and monitoring of industrial manipulators; collision detection and avoidance; friction modelling and compensation; planning, localization, mapping and exploration algorithms for mobile robots

Elisa Capello

Unmanned Autonomous Systems, Control Strategies Applications, Spacecraft Guidance and Control

Danilo Demarchi

Smart Electronic Systems, Biomedical Devices, Electronics for AgriFood, System Integration

Maurizio Rebaudengo

Dependability, WSN, RFID, Traceability, Environment Monitoring


Vincenzo Di Pietra


Gianluca Dara

Unmanned Aerial vehicles, system integration, printed circuit board design


Noemi Bafumo

Graphic design, Web design, Brand design 

Roberto Cappellaro


Dario Gandini

Electronics, Energy conversion, Sensors, Prototyping, Adaptive Control Systems

Giovanni Fantin

UWB localization and tracking

Luigi Mazzara

Path Planning Problem, Autonomous Navigation, Photogrammetry

Francesco Messina

Robotics, Path Planning Algorithm, Autonomous Navigation, UGV, GNSS, GIS

Alex Minetto

GNSS-based Navigation, Collaborative Navigation

Simone Cerrato

Robotics, Autonomous Navigation, GNSS, Software Development and Integration

Tommaso Scarpa

Design, UX Design, Service Design, Systemic Design

Paolo Bocchiardi

On orbit servicing, space automation

Matteo Celada

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UWB, Trajectory tracking

Fabio Antonacci

Mechanics, Space Robotics, Robotic Manipulators

Chiara Bosso

Bioengineering, bionanotechnologies, biomedical instrumentation


Simone Angarano

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Edge AI, Ultra-wideband Localization

Marco Cataffo

Systemic Service Design

Paride Cavallone

Mechanism Science, Mobile Robotics, Service Robotics

Lohic Fotio Tiotsop

Deep Learning, Mathematical Modelling

Vittorio Mazzia

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Alessio Calantropio​

Geomatics, UAV & Close Range Photogrammetry, Construction Safety

Francesco Salvetti

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computer Vision

Andrea Eirale

Robotics, Localization and Mapping, Embedded Systems, Machine Learning

Ilaria Tonti

Urban Design, Mapping, GIS

Gabriele Castellano

Cloud/Edge Computing, Software-Defined Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Game Theory

Mauro Martini

Robotics, Machine Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Autonomous Navigation, Domain Generalization

Simone Godio

Artificial Intelligence for drones navigation in GPS-denied environments

Matteo Melchiorre

Collaborative Robotics, Vision Systems

Simone Borrelli

Biomechanical models, Multi-Body, Bio-robotics, CAS, Navigation systems

Luigi Tagliavini

Mechanism Science, Mobile Robotics, Assistive Robotics

Chiara Boretti

Robotics, Autonomous navigation, Optical flow estimation

Oliviero Vouch

GNSS-Navigation, Multi-Sensor Integrated Positioning and Navigation

Yihan Guo

High-precision positioning algorithms, Integrated positioning algorithms

Fausto Lizzio

Distributed Robotics, Multi-UAV Applications, Consensus Control

Giovanni Colucci

Mechanism Science, Mobile Robotics