Simone Godio

PhD Student

Graduated in science high school in 2013, continued his university career (bachelor and master) at the Politecnico di Torino.
During his university career he has conducted several extracurricular activities, taking part in several projects including the Policumbent student team and the Diana team. In addition, between April and September 2017 he did a 4-month internship at a well-known automotive company, Magna S.p.A , manufacturer of car headlights for several manufacturers worldwide. On this occasion he carried out a waste reduction project with positive results.
Simone, obtained his master’s degree in aerospace engineering in October 2019. His thesis work was carried out at the ZHAW University Centre, Winterthur in Switzerland, where he developed a ‘Multi-purpose model for a real-time flight simulator’.
Starting from November 2019, Simone started a PhD at the Polytechnic of Turin, where he joined the Flight Mechanics reasearch group of Professor Guglieri and the pic4Ser. His research topic is mainly based on autonomous UAV navigation in GPS-denied or degraded environment.