We partner with leading companies around the world to give you the most relevant and engaging working experience possible and ensure you are equipped with the skills you need to qualify your products. To ensure that technology is close to the real needs of its users and that it does not impose itself on production methods but supports them, the center proposes itself as a point of contact for participatory planning. In a first phase of the project, in fact, our task is to give voice to the companies that will use the robots in their application context through narrative interviews. In this way we can concentrate on the production of a technology that respects the peculiarities of the specific context.



Object: Design of a mobile platform operating in vineyards for Mapping, Monitoring and Manipulating operations. The platform consists of four subsystems:
  • Rover
  • Robotic Arm
  • Sensors control and communication
  • Power supply (Photovoltaic, batteries, power supply)


Object: Modern agriculture for increased productivity and production is one of the goals derived from the first aspiration of the Africa Agenda 2063 framework. Precision Agriculture offers and encourage many opportunities for cross-sector growth specially in the service industry (sensors, IOT, ICT & machines) and food companies (processing, logistics & retail).



Object: the project has the ambition to present a completely new way of designing agricultural machines, introducing all the advantages of the drives by adopting electric motors instead of the current systems involving mechanical/hydraulic actuations: simplicity of design, precision in operations, wealth of information to support the action. It intends to provide an important contribution from the technological point of view, of efficiency in consumption, economic saving, improvement of safety and reduction of the environmental impact within the Agricultural sector, one of the pillars of the national economy, insisting on whole supply chain.



Object: the project is part of the context of Precision and Decision agriculture, draws on the experience of feasibility studies and previous collaborations between the partners involved in this project. In particular, it will concern the construction of an integrated ground-air system aimed at supplying a product/service for wineries suitable for the management of hilly vineyards. This type of vineyard has been chosen because its complexity and the richness of peculiarities make it a context in which a multidisciplinary approach is essential. Moreover, in these environments the cultivation management presents difficulties that could be solved with the contribution of precision farming tools.



Object: the project will be based on four technical WPs (robotic platform, machine learning algorithms, user interfaces and system integration). The project will concentrate on the development of technologies that will be tested on a demonstrator in the final pilots.

SEI - Spectral Evidence of Ice (MANUNET)

Object: The SEI project will experiment spectral sensor fusion techniques of data acquired by UAVs during aircraft preflight inspection. In General Aviation, an important safety issue regards the presence of ice on the aircraft’s fuselage and wings. Ice on the wings can cause loss of lift and stalling, which in most cases would result, during takeoff phase, in airplane’s fatal crash. Another important aspect that the project aims to reduce is the high amount of deicing liquid usually involved in the process incurring in high costs and considerable damage to the environment.

Study and experimentation of systems, instruments and innovative methodologies for the survey and inspection of infrastructures in complex environments (IREN)

 The object of the project is the use of unmanned systems for:

  • metric and radiometric inspection of reservoirs, tunnels, pipelines and other infrastructures;
  • surface and submarine infrastructures video inspection, including metrology of submerged infrastructures;
  • study and experimentation of environmental parameters (temperature, pressure, pollutants, methane, etc.) in open environments for automatic knitted acquisitions.

Acquisition of high-resolution spatial data in a complex environment by integrating innovative methods / techniques in a multi-resolution and multi-scale approach (Unione del Lago Maggiore)

Object: The aim of the project is to study rocky walls subject to instability with a multidisciplinary, multiresolution and multiscale methodology. Walls are investigated with a geomatic and a geomechanical approach with the help of the data acquired by UAVs. The data are useful to study protection actions to contain the possible walls severance.



Machine Learning algorithms and their embedded implementation for service robotics applications in precision agriculture

Candidate:  Vittorio Mazzia
Department: PhD in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering
Founded by: Big Data and Data Science Lab (SmartData) of Politecnico di Torino
Supervisor: Prof. Mario Casu (SmartData) | Prof. Marcello Chiaberge (PIC4SeR)


Design of Highly Accurate Navigation Systems for Robotic Vehicles

Candidate:  Neil Gogoi
Department: PhD in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering
Founded by: St. Paul company
Supervisor: Prof. Fabio Dovis

Positioning and classification for precision agriculture using hyper spectral data, multi-scale real time approach with deep learning

Candidate:  Maria Angela Musci
Department: PhD in Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Maria Lingua | Prof. Paolo Dabove

Candidate:  Marco Cataffo
Department: DAD


Candidate:  Paride Cavallone
Department: DIMEAS


Candidate:  Lohic Fotio Tiotsop
Department: DAUIN