Maria Angela Musci

PhD Student

She graduated at the Politecnico of Turin Building Engineering in 2015. She developed a master’s thesis project “Design and development of a GIS model for Forest Firefighting” (Supervisors: Andrea Maria Lingua and Marco Piras), linked with the AF3 (EU project (Advanced Forest Fire Fighting), financed by the FP7. In March 2016 she started a 12-months grant research project, reconfirmed with a 12-months grant research project at DIATI (Department of Environment, Land and Infrastructure Engineering) of Politecnico di Torino (tutor Prof. Marco Piras). The grant research project was about GIS design, 3D modeling, urban survey and data integration of data acquired by different sensors (such cameras, GPS and so on). Now she is a PhD student in Urban and Regional Development, at DIST (Interuniversity Department of Regional and Urban Studies and Planning) with the thesis entitled “Automatic techniques for semantic data extraction in precision agriculture/farming”. Her research work, funded by the PIC4Ser, will be focused on the geomatics application for precision agriculture/farming, such as sensors acquisition, real-time photogrammetry, multisensory data fusion, deep learning and data management.